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UCE-11 UNDER-COUNTER EXTREME WATER IONIZER ( 11 PLATES - 750 WATTS OF POWER ) with Lifetime Warranty on parts and service

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   Additional Set of Filters
   Portable Water Ionizer
Lifetime Warranty on parts and service Free Shipping

  Model Name UCE-11 Under-Counter Extreme Water Ionizer
  Purifying Mode TM Filtration Mode
  Rated Voltage 100-240V a.c 50/60 Hz
  Power Consumption 750 Watts (adjustable levels)
  Electrolyte Cell Solid/Mesh Hybrid 11 plates dipped and baked with 385 in2 surface area
  Addition Function Electronic extraction construction
  Operating Pressure range 0.1 ~ 0.5MPa
  Filtration Level 0.01 ~ 0.1 micron - This is the same level of filtration used in Kidney Dialysis Machines.
  Filter Material
Filter Configuration :
Primary - ACF activated carbon fiber.
Secondary - ACF activated carbon, Ceramic
Replacement type : Revolving cartridge type
Filter Life Display : LCD filter replacement display, Voice
  Faucet ABS + Crome Finish
  Control Display TFT LCD, Touch/Jog Dial
  Languages 6
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Advantages of the 11 plate water ionizer compared to a 9 plate ionizer:
  - The Tyent 11-Plate Ionizer is Eco-Friendly!!! Due to an increased flow rate, there is 40% less waste water than on 9-plate ionizers.
  - 27% higher power.
  - 20% lower Turbo acidic levels.
  - 20% better -ORP levels.
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Touch-type automatic water supply structure and seven-color back lights

One touch of a button enables to start and stop water supply without any other operations, and divides and displays alkaline water and acidic water by seven colors.

Users can more easily use the UCE-11 Turbo Water Ionizer since it is coated by touch panels and its functional selection is displayed by icons.

LCD Colour Water Type
Green DRINKABLE  Purified Water, H2O
Bluish Green DRINKABLE  Alkaline Water, 1st
Blue DRINKABLE  Alkaline Water, 2nd
Violet DRINKABLE  Alkaline Water, 3rd
Light Yellow NON-DRINKABLE  Acidic, 1st
Red NON-DRINKABLE  Acidic, 2nd
Red Violet NON-DRINKABLE  Acidic, 3rd
UCE-11 Turbo Warning Voices

Voice guided service

Warning voices enable to more safely and conveniently use the product for the explanation and safety of various functions.

Safety examinations are conducted according to the setup conditions after the installation of the UCE-11 Turbo Water Ionizer, and voice guides are done in case of impropriety.

Anti-virus system of the electrolytic tank

The energy generated in supplying necessary water basically controls the propagation of micro-organisms and keep the optimal status through its automatic cleaning function.


Automatic control system with built-in CPU chips

All actions of the reduction water appliance are all automatically controlled by the semiconductor CPU chips which automatically seek and control the best operating conditions in consideration of current quantity and water quality.

Adoption of eleven electrodes made of dream material, platinum and holed titanium

The use of new materials of platinum and titanium for the electrodes of the electrolytic tank, the core part of the reduction water appliance, extends its life span and heightens the ratio of generating hydrogen.


Phi water type purifying filters

The filters consisting of the 1st high efficient filters and the 2nd functional filters realize the best clean water status fitted to serviced water.

The first filter is the Primary Active Carbon Filter (ACF). This filter filters relatively large suspended matter like rust and dregs, residual chlorine in water, and volatile organic compounds.

The second filter is a composite ceramic filter. It is broken down into 3 parts:

  • M ceramic: keeps the balance of ions. It is anion ceramic
  • P ceramic: It has plenty of inorganic minerals and gives good heat conductivity, and dissolves nutrients well to convert into the ingredients for human body to react well. Thus, it improves metabolism of human body.
  • K ceramic: It has plenty of mineral and makes water stable because this ceramic has been baked from the clay fermented by TM.

The filters have a 3,600 litre cycle (equivalent to 6 months) by the standard of the passing water quantity of 20 litres a day. Filter change cycles are designed to be displayed by voice guides and LCD icons to be easily known.


The TURBO Function allows users to create strongly alkaline or strongly acidic water, which should be used for cleaning, sterilizing and disinfecting.

TURBO Strong Acidic Water:
pH 1.7 ~ 2.8
Used to disinfect and sterilize discloths, cutting boards, etc. in the and kitchen, and to clean bathrooms and so on.
TURBO Strong Alkaline Water:
pH 10.2 ~ 12.2
Used to clean cutting boards, knives, sinks and other household goods.
The water produced using the TURBO function is not intended for drinking, never drink this type of water.
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LCD Control Panel Designation by Product Feature
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  Application for the patent of the medicinal substance-producing equipment

The Korean name of the invention: The ion water purifier using SMPS and its control method

High frequency DC (tens ~ hundreds KHz) is used for it after it is converted from AC line frequency (50~60 Hz) by applying the Switching Mode Power Supply mode. It also maximizes the power usage rate by the pulse width modulation transforming frequency, and thus has not only high competitiveness with its high efficiency and economy but also the technological composition to highly improve the stable power compared to the existing transformer modulation. It can be used as multi formation by setting up system modulation.

-4 channel automatic interface digital mode
-Maximizing power use by optimizing power supply
-Built-in circuits preventing overflow of electricity
-Touch mode and under-sink mode conversion system
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  Electrolytic reduction water quick in penetration
Since the cluster (the number of water molecule/about 15~16 molecules for general water) size of the alkaline electrolytic reduction water is small, it is quickly absorbed into a body and enables to eliminate waste matter easily.
The water whose cluster is one-third of the size of general water, and permeates deep into our body, this is the alkaline electrolytic reduction water.
  NMR Analysis of the medicinal substance-producing equipment
Alkaline water
Serviced water
Long life village water
Mineral water
Distilled water
Counter-osmotic water
Acid water
  ORP Analysis of the medicinal substance-producing equipment
Serviced water
Medicinal substance-producing equipment
Alkaline reduction water
Acid water
About 7.2s
Ion elements compared to service water
Postive ion increase
Negative ion decrease
Postive ion decrease
Negative ion increasw
Existing oxygen quantity(ppm)
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  Tested anti-virus effect
The results of the anti-virus test on colon bacillus and yellow grape-shape micrococcus are as follows:
  The solution capacity of the medicinal substance-producing equipment
The solution capacities of the alkaline reduction water were tested for coffee, green tea bag and powder. We get to know that it permeates and solves them much more quickly than general drinking water through such experiment.
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